To adapt, you need the right technology.
To buy the right technology in the best way, you need Darwin.

We help you by streamlining the tech-buying process from project kick-off to signed contract. Cutting the time, cost, effort and risk of choosing the best-fit vendor, technology or solution.

Discover freedom for business to evolve today.

The time we estimate
that we save our clients


What we do

When it comes to buying tech solutions, you can easily find yourself in a spin. Bombarded with sales calls and technical information, struggling to meet tight deadlines and repeating the same parts of the RFP/tender process over and over again for different vendors.

Costs add up quickly. We estimate our clients save up to 145 hours and £16,000 per tender – that’s a lot of time and effort. Our way of buying tech is an end-to-end service that keeps giving you time back – it’s faster, risk-free and at zero cost to you (or your wellbeing).

Plus, you can take advantage of our buying power when negotiating price, services and terms. Our vendor relationships regularly result in improved offers compared to going direct.

The cost we estimate
that we save our clients


Our customers
“Working with Darwin as an independent consultancy took a lot of pressure off us, as we could just focus on our needs.
It’s nice to have the advice of someone that’s not trying to sell you something when you’re making these decisions, and Darwin have a breadth of market access that would take me or my team weeks to research.”

Chris Gensmantel, LSH Autos UK